Sure, it’s nice to be told we look stunning,

but doesn’t every bride hear that on her wedding day?

How many are given praise for delivering a speech that makes the groom squirm, the best man blush, and the guests howl?

Nowadays, three men standing up to speak while the bride crew looks on seems a bit… vintage.

The comedy writers at Speechy think brides can do better at the top table.

Here are their top tips for writing a speech that’ll be remembered (for all the right reasons)…


Recycled gags that even Nana has heard before will leave guests groaning. We’ve worked with enough awesome couples to know the funniest material comes from Real Life


Pore over forgotten Insta pics or dig out first date gig tickets and love letters (alright, WhatsApp messages) to trigger some memories – even if you don’t use them in your speech, you’ll enjoy getting all the feels!


Perhaps you met your fiancé over a game of beer pong during uni freshers’ week and now you’re both teachers. Your theme might be ‘relationship lessons learned’, such as ‘the remote must go back in its sacred place’ or ‘only freaks face the end of the toilet roll that way’. Remember to keep your speech short (it’s not an essay).


Storytelling requires a good plot and at least one main character. Luckily, you’ve got your very own love story to tell and your new hubby is the perfect protagonist.
Don’t just write generic descriptions like ‘soulmate’ or describe him as ‘kind’, ‘gorgeous’ or ‘funny’ – call him the Irn-Bru-guzzling, romcom-watching, dad-dancing dream of a fiancé that he is!


A great speechwriter will get to know you well enough to create a speech that’s all ‘you’.
Speechy is a team of BBC scriptwriters who work with Britain’s best-loved celebs, win awards – including a blooming BAFTA – and help out ballsy brides worldwide!

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