Choosing gifts for your bridesmaids can be difficult.

Knowing what to get them that will make a lasting impression can sometimes stress a bride and groom to be and this could be avoided.

Most girls love to have their nails looking great and what better way to thank them for their time and for being part of your special day than to give them the gift of nail wraps.

They could all have matching nails to wear on the wedding day or give them a selection of differing styles for them to apply after the wedding.

After all their help and preparation for your special day, they will appreciate the chance to be able to create their nail art while you are busy off on your honeymoon.

If you are going to choose to have their nails matching and coordinating with the wedding theme, why not invite them round a few days before the actual day of the ceremony and apply each other’s nails while having a girly night in.

Because the wraps can last up to two weeks, why not have this party as part of your hen night.

All meeting up before you go out to apply your beautiful nail wraps. This way you will have longer together to admire all your creations!

As any bride knows, the choosing of gifts can be hard so why not do something a little bit different and go for a few packs of nail wraps for your special guests.

You could even gift them for all the ladies and girls that will be attending your wedding if your budget allows of course.

What a lovely surprise for them?