What are you planning to say to each other?more-than-words-wedding-stationery-300x226

Will you be traditional or will you opt for something a little more heartfelt and romantic for the exchange of your vows?

Getting married is about the union of two people who will make promises on their wedding day and the words you choose will maximise the special bond that you are about to make to each other in front of your family and friends.

There are certain vows and commitments by law that have to be said but adding extra special details to your vows will almost always work in your favour and make for an amazing memory for you both.

Try using a thesaurus for more inspiring words to use as this will ensure that your vows are truly individual for how you both feel towards one another at this momentous time.

Speak to the vicar/registration staff from your area with your ideas. Also, print out and give them a copy of your vows to ensure they can be checked at least 2 weeks in advance. This will avoid last minute changes and panic.

Another option is to add readings or poems to the ceremony. These can be read by you or your new groom or even a family member. Just make sure whoever is to read, is confident and will be able to speak clearly on the day. Don’t pressure them to learn it by heart as this can be daunting when standing up in front of a lot of people especially if they are not used to doing so.

Whatever you choose to say, those special wedding vows should come from your heart.

It will create an amazing feeling within the room for you two and all your guests.

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