How are you getting to your wedding?

What form of transport are you going to use?

Are you a traditionalist or do you like to have things a little different?

Nowadays, there are many different forms of transport, even down to having a fire engine or Double Decker bus taking you to the venue!

This important journey to meet with your groom can be a very nervous one but very exciting and fun one too so go for it!

Have something that you will feel relaxed in and enjoy.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t go for something a little different.

More traditional cars are still available in their hundreds and can be made to look even prettier with ribbons to co-ordinate your colour scheme and flowers too that tie in with your venue flowers.

Don’t forget that your photographer will want to take some shots of you and your bridesmaids with the vehicle, so go for something that will look great in your photos for years to come.

Also, think about the journey back if you are having a separate venue for your reception. How will he feel travelling in a horse and cart or a fire engine?

Maybe opt for a different car for this journey as you will both be emotional and want to have a hug. With this in mind, think about more comfortable options such as a limousine or a luxury type car.

Also, on booking your transport, ask about how they decorate it and if you will supply the ribbons and/or flowers.

Some suppliers do throw in a free bottle of champagne when booked in advance so don’t be afraid to ask on booking.