Roman couples at their weddings wore garlands of flowers…

to symbolise new life and fertility so what better way to start your married life with flowers adorning your special day.

The flowers chosen for your special day can transform your wedding and wedding venue. Together with the colours chosen and the smell, (if you are opting for real flowers) is delightful and can really set off those good vibes in everyone as well as brighten and light up rooms and venues.

Amazing centre pieces for each table will cause a talking point with your guests and you can even gift them for one person on each table at the end of the day by having a small card in an envelope in their seat place.

A bouquet, posies, buttonholes and even small flowers worn in your hair, they are adaptable for every aspect of your day.

There are the bridesmaid’s posies, the decorations at the church or venue of the ceremony, the reception, the tables and most importantly, your bouquet!

But how do you choose what is the right type of flower for your occasion and how do you work out how many you will need?

Well, here are some tips.

  • Co-ordinate with your colour scheme.
  • Choose a flower that is in season.
  • Buy a few different flowers to have at home to test the smell.
  • Keep to a tight budget.
  • Go with a flower that will last all day and not wilt.
  • Use more delicate flowers for your tables and keep in water.
  • Liaise with your partner, ensuring he likes the choice.
  • Decide on buttonholes for the whole wedding party or just family.