Elli & Matt…

Wedding Date: September 2011.

Where did you meet?

I (Elli) was working in the local hair salon as a trainee, and Matt came in one afternoon to have a haircut with one of the senior stylists after graduating from university. He had caught my eye a few times before when he had been in, so like a giggly young thing, I was really nervous to go out onto the shop floor while he was there.


The senior stylist tossed a coin between the other trainee and myself, to decide who would have to wash his hair and it turned out to be me!! The whole experience was a disaster! Due to the nerves, I ended up dropping the shower head and completely spraying, and soaking us both! Once he left, the power of social networking bought us together…. But I blame fate and the toss of that coin!

How long was your engagement?

Matt proposed on Christmas day 2009, our first Christmas in our first home. We got married in September 2011 – so a 21 month engagement.

Where did you get married and why?

We had our civil ceremony in the old library, within Colchester town hall. The old library boasted a beautiful high ceiling, with a large stained glass window at the back that let in a lot of light. We instantly fell in love with the room, which is what sold it to us.

Did you have a colour scheme or theme to your wedding?

The colour scheme was mint green and soft pink. The look we were trying to achieve was ‘summer,
countryesque, shabby chic’.

How long did you plan your big day?

I started thinking up ideas right from the moment we got engaged. I think we booked the town hall 18 months prior to the day, but really started booking things within the year leading up to it.

What was the main highlight of your day?

The main highlight for me was seeing Matt for the first time as I walked down the aisle with my dad. He looked so nervous and the proudest I’ve ever seen him. Also seeing the venue for the first time on the day as I hadn’t been part of the setting up.

What was your cake like?

We were very lucky that Matt’s mum works in the industry making cakes, and knowing our theme, she created us a masterpiece as a surprise. It was beyond what I could have ever imagined. It was three tiers, with the top tier being a fabulous birdcage. It was truly one of the most beautiful touches to the whole day.

What music did you have for your first dance and why?

Our first dance was definitely one to remember. We didn’t have a ‘song’ that was relevant to us, and in the months leading up to the wedding, picking a cliche love song to dance to just didn’t feel right. One of our first dates was a theater trip to see dirty dancing, so we decided to recreate our own version of the famous ‘I’ve had the time of my life.’ We practiced in our living room, watching the scene of the film over and over and had lots of laughs. Now, we love the fact that as it is such an iconic song, we hear it played on the radio at random times, and any future weddings we went to afterwards, people would always request the DJ to play it and goad us into doing ‘our routine!’ it was great fun.

What flowers did you choose and why?

Because the theme was a country garden wedding, I had the pink themed roses, but with lots of foliage and it was quite a relaxed bouquet, so not too prim. It was as if I had gone into the garden, picked a bunch and gathered them together and I loved that. Our centre pieces on the tables were mixed coloured wild flowers in glass milk bottles. It looked really cute.

What are you looking forward to as a married couple?

We had already been living together, and had a child together and it is the view of a few people that we had spoken to, that marriage is just a piece of paper. I was desperate to have the same surname as my partner and son, so we could be a proper little family. Once we were married it definitely did feel different. We were now a proper family unit.

Any other Information you would like to add?

My top tip is to not cut back on your photographer. That is the only thing you get to take away with you after the wedding. We also had a videographer and I am SO SO glad that I did. I love watching it back, and also having it to show to our children. (we have extended our family by a further two little boys since) And lastly. To just take yourselves off a few times over the day together. Stand back. Observe your greatest friends and family enjoying your day. Having your nearest and dearest
all with you on one day, realising the effort many have gone to be with you, is very humbling.

Photos by: www.eleven11photography.co.uk