For your wedding day, you will want to look your best.

Creating that perfect look is easy if you follow some simple tricks and tips.

You will want to look natural but perfect and remember; don’t cover up what you have, just enhance it and embrace those freckles!

Contouring, highlighting and defining are some of the many ways in which you can achieve the desired look.

You want people to look at you and say “wow” but at the same time, commenting on how natural and beautiful your look is.

A beauty tip to remember is to use lots of products but in small quantities. This will ensure you get a flawless look without the make up or hair products being too heavy on your skin or hair.

Will you be de-cleansing and if so, you need to think about starting this at least 2-3 months before your wedding as to start with, you may have blemishes that arise. This is a major factor if you plan to detox your whole inner body too.

Think about what treatments you are going to have.

Facials, eye lash tinting, spray tanning or waxing. These all need careful planning to ensure your skin is at its best for your day.

Also, your hair will need to be in top condition and if you are going to colour your hair, you need to plan for this and speak to your hairdresser or stylist as soon as you can.

For a full beauty regime, think about starting 6 months before your big day to get the best possible look and to bring out your natural beauty.

You will feel so much more confident and you will shine on your special day.