By Julie at Serenity Brides…

What type of wedding dress should you wear for a hot destination or beach wedding?

Most brides think that a slim light dress is the answer to warmer climates. However, there are problems with this style.

The biggest problem by far is that because the weather is hot, the dress clings to you and you will be forever pulling it away from your legs and body to stop it sticking.

A more traditional wedding dress is structured, therefore giving you a layer between the dress and you – not only in the body, but around the legs – those petticoats really do serve a purpose by keeping air around your lower body!

Many of the traditional wedding dresses are still light and as long as you opt for strapless (or very small straps), the air around your top body will flow.

So don’t think you have to forego a beautiful dress if you’re marrying abroad – let us guide you towards a dress that will serve you well in the heat!

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