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What do we do about security for the wedding gifts we receive?

Good advice from a Serenity Brides Wedding Expert!

These days, when most couples do not need household items as gifts, guests tend to give money. This is well known and poses a huge security risk at the reception. We have knowledge of many cases where not only do hundreds of pounds go missing, but also the lovely cards, which cannot be replaced.

So what should you do?

Firstly, it is a good idea to get some kind of post box for the cards. These will not be impenetrable, but the very fact that someone has to get it open to steal the cards, may attract attention.

Secondly, give a member of the wedding part responsibility for the postbox. But remember, everyone’s having a good time and whoever you designate is not going to babysit it.

Thirdly, make sure it is in full public view as it’s much harder to pilfer something when everyone’s watching.

Fourthly, most gifts will have been posted by the end of the meal. Remove what’s there and place under lock and key either with the venue staff or in your hotel safe. That way you minimize losses should someone get into the box when it gets quiet.

Fifthly, NEVER leave the box overnight in the venue room without emptying it – no matter what the location.

You don’t want this blot on your wedding day, so give security of your gifts top priority!

Serenity Brides have a Wishing Well post box to hire. The posting area is very secure and you have to take the top off to remove the post – it’s solid wood, so cannot be done in one easy movement!

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