A massive cute factor in weddings as well as the flower girls or small bridesmaids, is that of having a little man in the wedding party.

A little nephew/brother or even your own little boy makes a great asset to any wedding.

We had our 14 month old at our wedding as a page boy and he looked so gorgeous.

He definitely added cuteness to our wedding.

The one major thought for you is; how well do you know this little boy and how do you think they would behave during the ceremony?

Always remember to assign an older bridesmaid or family member to keep an eye on them during the ceremony as children do get bored very easily and are not fans of being quiet at the right time!

Our little boy was good but decided that right at the moment where we exchanged rings that he would take a walk about and then proceed to trip over my dress!

We opted to have the page boy outfit match the groom’s, best man and our eldest son who gave me away. This made for some lovely photos of ‘the boys’ together.

Many wedding shops cater for smaller boy’s outfits now and you can also pick up some beautiful 3 piece suits from department stores and even a few catalogues.

Remember also your timing and planning.

Children tend to grow quickly so only have his suit finalised about a month before the big day. You don’t want to overspend on the budget having to get the suit adjusted by a seamstress too many times.