By Serenity Brides…

How does a bride ensure their deposit is safe when they place an order for a wedding dress.

This is a concern for brides as there have been a number of bridal suppliers who have gone bust within the last year. Where does this leave you.?

The implications could be disastrous for two reasons.

1. You lose your money

2. By the time you discover it, it’s too late to order the dress of your dreams.

So what should you do?

It’s almost impossible to gauge how successful a business is. They may have fancy premises or smart cars, but are limping along financially. So the experts advice is to firstly take wedding insurance out to cover this and other eventualities – like the venue burning down or the engagement being called off.

Other ways to play safe are :-

  • Ensure the people or business you are buying from have proper business premises
  • The shop or person has been trading for at least 5 years
  • They have a business telephone line ( no mobiles)
  • Do not pay the whole cost upfront
  • Look at the way the company presents itself
  • Do they seem desperate to get your money from you
  • Look at Facebook and Google reviews
  • Does it belong to a trade association

If at any time you feel you’re being fobbed off about your order, don’t take excuses.

And lastly, if it seems too good to be true – it probably is – trust your instincts!!!

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