Your big day is fast approaching and you have a spot appearing!

So how do you deal with it?

There are a few ways…

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick it but stop!

If it looks like a spot that will heal on its own, then leave it.

If it looks like there is an obvious infection there, then you’ll want it gone as soon as possible!

If you have decided to go with the later choice, then there are a few ways in which you can do this without damaging the skin too much.

  • Use a flannel soaked in hot water and apply it to the spot area.
  • Keep this up for at least 5 minutes without any pressure.
  • Be gentle – squeezing can cause real damage to your skin.
  • Don’t squeeze it until it bleeds.
  • Use a cleansing product on the spot to draw out the infection.
  • Repeat the whole process once the cleansing product is dry.
  • Then use an anti-bacterial product on the area.
  • Be patient. If you use these steps carefully, it will go.

For a quick fix, you could try and cover it up with some clever make up tricks.

  • Apply your foundation and then use a brown eye pencil on the spot, people will just think it’s a beauty spot or large freckle.
  • If the spot is still unopened and dry, use foundation, concealer and then a small brush to dust.
  • If the spot is raised, use your make up carefully to blend it down instead of piling too much obvious make up onto it.

Finally, keep an eye on the spot and try the cleansing process at nights so it has overnight to start the healing process.