How do you know the dress is THE ONE?

Advice from Serenity Brides Wedding Expert

Most of us girls have a good idea of what suits us, so it’s very likely that you will already know the style of dress for you.

However, there is a golden rule that if you don’t try something you’ll never know, so be a little brave when trying wedding dress styles, you may find that the perfect shape for you is one you would never have thought of!

Bridal consultants have great experience with body shapes and can be an invaluable source of advice and guidance. They will take into account not only your body shape, but your personality, your venue and your preferences before helping you to choose dresses. It can also be incredibly helpful to take along a ‘brutally honest’ friend or family member whose opinions you trust, for a truthful and reliable point of view – but just one or two as more than that will confuse everything.

The internet is also a fabulous resource to start looking at what you prefer and is a good place to get ideas.

Also sit down in the dresses you like – even though you may not have considered this, but remember that you will be wearing your dress for an fairly long time and you need to be able to sit, stand and move with relative ease and comfort. So features such as corsets, strapless or spaghetti straps must be considered in order to be comfortable and provide support throughout the day. A pained bride will not look as wonderful – no matter how fabulous her dress is!

All in all though, you will absolutely know when it is THE ONE and if you leave the shop because you’re scared to commit, ask yourself if you keep thinking of that dress or comparing others to it – if you do, it has all the signs of being THE ONE!

We can also tell by your face if it’s THE ONE – and as we say at Serenity Brides “finding a wedding dress is like finding a husband – when you fall in love – stop looking ” – it’s a great piece of advice!

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