As soon as the engagement is official…

start looking for your wedding dress. This will allow you to choose the right dress and get any alterations done if needed.

Try on as many dresses as need be and don’t ever feel pressured to buy one that you are not completely happy with.

This is one area that you may go over budget with but you will be wearing this dress for the whole day and you want to feel as comfortable as possible.

Weddings do not have to cost an absolute fortune but it is worth setting a budget to keep spending a little under control. If you overspend on one thing, then reduce the cost on another.

It’s as simple as that.

When choosing your dress, remember to try and take somebody that will be totally honest with you. Mums do tend to think you look gorgeous in every dress you try on.

It’s just a mum thing!

Think about how your hair will be on the day to what sort of back the dress has. You don’t want to have lots of detail if you have long hair and plan to have it down on your special day. Likewise, if your hair is to be up, how low can the back of the dress be and will you need to re-think your underwear to avoid straps showing?

Once you have your dress, you can start deciding on bridesmaids, if you are having any and then shop for their dresses.