Most grooms will be responsible for sorting out their own outfit.

The ushers and grooms father can be left to choose their own designs unless they are to be matching also.

There are various high street clothing lines that can be chosen and many department stores now have wedding offers for the groomsmen as well as the bride at reasonable prices.

If you are a groom to be and you are choosing yourself then follow some simple tips to get it right.

  • Start to think about suits and discuss your wedding attire at least 6 months before the big day.
  • Discuss colour schemes with your wife-to-be and ask for any colours to avoid.
  • Talk to a grooms wear specialist to get advice on styles of suits to compliment the type of wedding you are having.
  • Check availability on hiring the suits and ensure everyone who will be co-coordinating with you, has had at least one fitting.
  • Try on as many different styles of suits as possible and go with the most comfortable. You will be in this suit for most of the day!
  • Ask for fabric swatches of waistcoats and cravats/ties to show your bride to be. This way she can eliminate certain patterns or colours without giving too much away.

Most people think it is just about the bride’s dress but I think that the groom’s suit is important too and so deserves some time and effort put into it.

Good luck.