If you have decided to get married in the winter,

then there is a chance you will get the magical white wedding.

By this I mean snow!

So, you’ve woken up, looked outside and there is a blanket of snow on the ground! What do you do?

Don’t panic!

Some people dream of having snow falling on their wedding day but even if it is a dream, there are some precautions you need to think about.

Firstly, you do not want to be slipping over! Rough up the underneath of your wedding shoes so they grip better whilst walking or consider wearing some welly boots while outside. There are many lovely designs to choose from.

Ring your wedding car hire and ask them to arrive at your home a little earlier than planned to ensure that you can get to the venue on time.
Ask someone to check the traffic that is the route to your venue. This will help with arriving on time or changing the route.

Make sure that your venue has its heating turned on and is good working order. A cold venue for your guests to wait in is not good.

Ring ahead to the venue to make sure that the entrance that you will be walking up is clear of any snow or ice. Do not forget to ask them to put appropriate amounts of grit down in various areas so your guests are safe too.

Make sure that guests are not standing in the cold for too long.

Ask the venue if guests can go into the function room while photos are being taken outside.

Choose an usher to collect the required people for photos at the appropriate times so they are not waiting around in the cold.

Think about ordering yourself and your bridesmaids a wedding shawl or wrap to keep warm.