A hard decision to make on your wedding day is whether to invite children.

Most couples do but there are some people that would rather not have children at their weddings for what ever reason and this has to be respected by the guests.

Firstly, ensure that you have made your intention clear on invitations that children are not to attend.

Most people who receive a wedding invitation assume that it extends to their whole family even if it just has the adults names on the envelope.

You could also add an extra little insert card into the invitations of people you know have family and word it so as not to offend.

Make sure the invites are sent out with enough notice so that the parents have time to arrange sitters for the day or evening of the wedding day.

Some couples welcome a night out by themselves but be prepared for some people to be a little unhappy especially if they have young babies or if they are breastfeeding only. You will need to make some arrangements to accommodate these problems such as only inviting them to the evening etc.

Try to make sacrifices for those family members who you are close to who have babies or very small children.

If you are to have a small number of little guests attending, then why not accommodate your compromise by having a crèche set up in a separate area at the ceremony so that at least that part of your day will not be disturbed by them.

Remember, this is your special day and you want it perfect so if having children attending is not for you then go with it.

You will know that those who respect your decision and are in attendance are there for you and to help you celebrate your very special occasion.