Your Perfect Day…Tips!


Make sure that you stick to your budget as much as possible but if you manage to make a saving on one thing such as flowers, you can then either save that money or spend a little extra on something else such as the cake or stationery.


If you are marrying in the UK, you can never predict what the weather will be doing even in the summer so the best thing is to not worry about it. Plan ahead and hire/buy a few pretty umbrellas for you and your guests. They can also be used if the sun is out so no wastage! Keep dry/keep the sun off!

Food & Drink

It’s always difficult to know how to cater for everyone at your reception but don’t panic too much. Most people attending the evening do will have eaten before they arrive so focus on the guests that will be there during the day. You could even send out an email/text to everyone as soon as the main guest list is arranged and gather information about food preferences if you like? A wide range of food will cater for near enough everyone. Have some vegetarian options in there too.

Guest list…

A big part of the planning is trying to please both families where the guest list is concerned but do not stress! It will all depend on the size of your venue especially for the ceremony so explain this to both families from the outset. You can then invite further guests to the evening providing funds allow and again, the space you have.


Seasonal flowers can be harder to get hold of or more expensive at certain times of the year so consider this into the budget. Example: We married 2 days after valentines day and I wanted red roses for my bouquet and buttonholes. Hence, price was double! I decided to make my own from silk flowers and it still looks gorgeous (13 years on). You could have a smaller bouquet of fresh flowers on the day for the photos etc but then have an exact replica in silk to keep as I did!