Message from: Leonardo Wood, co-founder

29th August 2018

Dear Fellow Bridal Business Owner,

My Wife and I would like to thank you for your interest and support in Wedding Day Angel, which was originally launched to help engaged couples create their perfect wedding day.

Overtime, Wedding Day Angel has also now become a platform to help bridal business owners connect with engaged couples both online and offline.

This Website ( has been created specifically for Wedding Suppliers.

  • Mr & Mrs Wood, Feb 16th 2002

Are you are looking for ideas, strategies, tips and how-to information to grow generate more leads, convert more of their leads into customers and grow your businesses?

If Yes, this website been created for you, but before we go any further, I would first like to introduce myself and Wedding Day Angel, and in doing so, I would like to let you know why I think I am qualified to help you.

About Me: Leonardo Wood

I left school in 1988, at the age of 16 and immediately joined the family signmaking, advertising and marketing businesses to support small business owners.

I have supplied almost every type of advertising and marketing service, from signwriting to printing, logo design to web design, video creation to search engine optimisation, social media management, email and direct mail campaigns, digital marketing training and more.

During my 30 years, working with 1000’s of small business owners running every type of business imaginable, I quickly realised, that whilst many businesses are unique, in what they sell, every small businesses has one thing in common…

The need to generate more customers, sales or profit.

In that regard, every business is the same and it has been that way for 1000’s of years through small business history.

According to the House of Commons Business Statistics, in 2017, there were 5.7 million businesses and 5.5 million (96%) were micro-businesses employing less than 10 people.

So whatever challenge you are facing now, or in the future, when it comes to generating more customers, sales and profit… you can rest assured that millions of business owners in the UK and around the world have faced and overcome the same challenges.

But here’s what really makes me sick.

In the UK, there were 328,000 business deaths, in 2015.

So despite the fact that millions of business owners have ‘cracked the code’ when it comes to business success, 100’s of 1000’s of small businesses are still dying each year.

With this in mind, for more than a decade, I have been obsessed with one thing that I believe can help all small businesses generate more customers, sales and profit, so instead of dying, they are surviving and thriving.

I believe that one thing, is Marketing.

So what is Marketing?

Marketing is everything…

Everything involved in the process of taking a person from not knowing who you are, through to becoming a customer and/or a promoter of your business.


About Wedding Day Angel

It all began with a Leap Year Proposal in the year 2000 (Yes, she proposed to me) and after planning our 2002 Wedding, my Wife, Traci developed a passion for all things Weddings.

For several years afterwards, Traci dreamed about creating something to help people getting married. So in 2010, we launched

My Wife, aka Wedding Day Angel, had a mission… to help engaged couples create their perfect wedding day.

She also had a simple plan… to make it easier for Brides and their Grooms-to-Be to find useful wedding day tips and trusted local wedding suppliers.

Since then, over the past 8 years, we have created various ways to help Brides and their Grooms-to-Be create their perfect wedding day, such as:

  • Digital Bridal Magazine –
  • Local Wedding Events –
  • ‘Getting Married’ Facebook Groups –
  • Wedding News & Tips Blog –
  • UK Wedding Supplier Directory –
  • #WeddingDayChat Twitter Hour –

Embarrassingly, I have to admit that when it came to planning our wedding, Traci did most of the work involved in that.

And over the past 8 years, whilst I have setup the Wedding Day Angel Website, Blog, Directory Software, Marketing & Advertising Tools and been there at our Wedding Fairs for support, Traci has been doing most of the work to grow Wedding Day Angel too.

However, after 30 years of being involved in supporting small business owners with all aspects of advertising and marketing, from logo design to web design, copywriting and SEO, and providing digital marketing services and training, I am now spending the majority of my time, supporting Traci and the growth of Wedding Day Angel.

With that said, and to be completely open and honest with you, speaking as a middle-aged bloke… ‘Weddings’ are not my passion.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the atmosphere at our Wedding Fairs, as engaged couples and their families and guests get excited about their weddings, as they talk to suppliers and plan their big day.

I also enjoy reading the comments from excited Brides on our Facebook page and seeing the ‘real weddings’ photos and stories in our magazine, and I also enjoy going to weddings of family and friends… Weddings are great.

But as I said… ‘Weddings’ are not my passion, that’s Traci’s passion.

My passion is about small business marketing… and success in business and life.

It’s my mission to help as many small business owners as possible, build more profitable, successful businesses and lives.

Through Wedding Day Angel, my Wife and I, can combine our passions; to help more engaged couples create their perfect wedding day and to help more wedding suppliers, grow more successful, profitable businesses.

As I previously mentioned, I have been involved in running small businesses for 30 years, supporting small business owners with all aspect of advertising and marketing.

For over a decade now, I have been working full time, providing digital marketing services and training for small business owners, and during that time, I have been supporting Traci in the background with all the Wedding Day Angel marketing stuff.

During that time, and based on the success of small businesses I have worked with, over the years, I am developing a small business marketing system, which is called MULTIPLY.

Earlier this year, we won 2 marketing awards, for the work Traci has been doing and for the digital marketing innovation we have used to bring engaged couples together online.

My focus, as we end 2018 and move into 2019 involves 2 things:

  1. To improve what we do at Wedding Day Angel and scale it nationally, so we can help even more engaged couples create their perfect wedding day
  2. Share my marketing and digital marketing knowledge, experience and expertise with other wedding suppliers. To help them build more successful and profitable businesses, which will ultimately impact the lives of small business owners, their staff and the families of everyone involved in those bridal businesses

So with that said, I would like to introduce you to a 3-step marketing method I have developed, which I believe you can use to double or triple the amount of leads and customers you attract online.

My 3-step method can be used as a roadmap for your marketing and advertising.

Due to time constraints today, I don’t have time to take you through every detail of the method I use, so I will give you a brief detail of each, but I do want to focus on one element, which I believe will give you some easy to follow, actionable steps you can take, to help you generate more enquiries and sales, over the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

Before I get to the 3 Steps and the elements within those steps, I would first like to talk about the customer lifecycle, the journey that all engaged couples must go through, as this is an important concept to understand.


MULTIPLY® Your Wedding Business Success with the World’s Number One Bridal Marketing System, developed by Wedding Day Angel co-founder, Leonardo Wood.

Google “world’s number one bridal marketing system” & we’re listed at number 1 in the world, but this isn’t about us, this is about you…  this is about helping you take control of your marketing and business success.

world's number one bridal marketing system


From: Leonardo Wood

Are you frustrated because you’ve heard there are over 1 Billion People using Facebook and you don’t have an effective System for attracting Brides from Facebook?

Are you concerned because you know that almost all engaged couples are searching on Google for wedding suppliers like you… but you’re not getting many enquiries from Google, and you don’t really know where to start, or who to trust?

Maybe you’ve tried using Twitter & LinkedIn to generate Leads & Customers & maybe you’re pulling your hair out with all Social Media because you keep hearing about how great it all is, but you’re not generating enough wedding bookings.

And what about Google My Business, the one that controls Google Maps… if you’re not optimising your GMB Page you can forget about showing up on the Map, on Page 1 of Google for your Main Business Category in Your Town or County.

Maybe you’ve spent £1000’s on a great looking website but that’s not bringing you much Sales either.

Here’s the thing:

If you’re struggling to generate enough Sales via the Internet, chances are, it’s because of the STRATEGY you’re using, which I cover in more detail below.

But first, here are a few Internet Statistics to bear in mind:

  • 38 million adults in Great Britain access the Internet every day
  • 74% of adults have bought goods or services online
  • 43 million adults search online for information about products and services
  • Google holds over 89% of the search engine market
  • Facebook has over 30 Million UK active users, with the largest demographic being 25-34 years olds
  • Twitter has 15 Million UK users and 80% of users doing so on a Mobile device
  • LinkedIn passed the 10 Million UK users mark in 2013 and page views are around 60 million per month
  • Google+ now has over 4 Million active UK users and Google+ Local Pages are more prominent in the Free Listings on Google Search for Local Business Categories

You CAN use the Internet to generate more Customers & Sales, but you need a different STRATEGY (see below).

Based on my 26 years experience running small businesses, a 10-year ‘marketing obsession’ and an investment of over £25,000, working with some of the world’s leading marketing experts, I have discovered there is ‘ONE’ Marketing Strategy that Multiplies the response and effectiveness of all other Marketing & Advertising activities.

It’s called: Information Marketing

Information Marketing helps you generate more leads, convert more leads into customers, keep more of your customers coming back for longer, and enables you to charge more for your products and services.

Information Marketing is about sharing your knowledge and expertise to help people who could become your customers at some point in the future.

Information Marketing is about helping people first, building relationships and then converting those relationships into business. Information Marketing is a long-term success strategy.

The reason why Information Marketing is so successful is because at any given time, it’s estimated that only 3% of everyone who could become your customer, are actively looking for what you sell right now.

So if you use Traditional Sales Based Marketing you’re only speaking to the 3% who are actively looking for what you sell, and to make matters even worse, you’re fighting with your competitors for the attention of the 3%.

Whereas, if you use an Information Marketing approach, you attract the attention of more of the 97%, because many of them would be interested in some useful information related to the products and services you provide.

I have developed an effective iMarketing System, called: MULTIPLY.

During this training course, we’ll train you or members of your team, to help you build your own Multiply iMarketing System, which in turn will help you multiply response to all of your marketing & advertising… for many years to come, in the business you run now, or any organisation your run in the future.

In a nutshell, you’ll be learning advanced strategies for ‘Information Marketing’ Research, Creation & Delivery using a wide range of Internet based Tools & Media, for the purpose of generating more Leads, Customers, Sales & Profit.

Why iMarketing? Why Choose Me?

The UK economy and the global economy as a whole has an uncertain future, and as a result, people are very careful about spending their money.

People are still spending, they are just becoming more cautious about where they spend their hard-earned cash and because of the Internet explosion on mobile phones and tablets, people are shopping around to find the best deals, like never before.

In addition, there is so much choice available, for everything imaginable, and lots of businesses are diversifying to offer a wider range of products and services, this increases your competition even more.

Taking all of this into consideration, it’s not surprising that it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to bring in new customers, which is bad news for most small business owners.

UNLESS… you do things radically differently to your competitors.

This is where Information Marketing comes into play.

It will help you to rise above your competitors in a world where everyone else are slashing their prices to win new business.

It will help you to stand out from the crowd, giving you a much better chance of attracting new leads and customers.

When you understand this, and you start to look around, you will notice that most businesses advertise and market in exactly the same way – your competitors are all focused on SELLING.

That is not the most effective way of generating prospective customers these days.

There is so much competition around and people have far more choice.

One of the reasons traditional ‘Sales’ Marketing & Advertising is so tough, is because we are all continually subjected to SALES adverts and SALES messages everywhere we go, on a hourly basis, adverts are on our computers, on our phones, on Facebook, Google… everywhere you look… and soon to be on your Wrist.

As a result, we have become Numb to sales messages, promotions and sales adverts, our brains are learning to ignore this kind of marketing and advertising now, we just don’t SEE these Ads like we used to, our Brains are evolving, and it’s all just becoming a blur in the background.

Information Marketing is powerful, because it lowers the risk for potential customers to take the ‘first step’ towards contacting you.

Here’s why Lowering Risk is so important…

TRUST has almost vanished off the face of the earth, your potential customers constantly feel at RISK, especially when it comes to doing business with people or companies that they have only just come across.

The problem is, it’s like we can’t trust ANYBODY anymore…

Celebrities… Politicians… Banks…

People & Organisations we have looked up to for Decades have disappointed us time and time again…

It’s on the News almost daily… Scandal, Scam & Spam, you can’t get away from it.

People are hesitant to make the first move in case they get sucked into a contract they can’t get out of…

People procrastinate longer over things…

People are afraid to make decisions in case they make the wrong decision…

What’s the up-shot of all this?


This is why many businesses struggle!!

But there is GOOD NEWS for YOU…

Now you are aware of all this, you can use this RISK-FACTOR to your advantage.

Accept the RISK that most people are facing – then we work to reduce their fears.

To entice more ‘un-trusting’ people (your potential customers) to take the first step, you need to think about how to reduce the RISK that they associate with contacting your business for the first time.

The best way to reduce the RISK for people who have never done business with you before is to offer them a baby step, in the form of your FREE INFORMATION, in exchange for their basic contact details eg. Name & Email address.

As we have already discussed – when you offer free, helpful information, it will help to get a lot more people to take the first step towards building a business relationship with you.

This Low-Risk Exchange works, especially when you compare it to the conventional, traditional SELLING techniques used by the majority of business owners, including your direct competitors.

The Information Marketing approach literally fuels the WHOLE of the Internet Marketing Industry – it has been proven time and time again, over many years, by 1000’s of Small Business Marketers.

Information Marketing is vital for Lead Generation, because as we’ve already established, most people are not ready to buy from you, or anybody else for that matter, at the first point of contact.

But they would be willing to begin a relationship with you, if you give them a compelling reason – which is your Knowledge and Expertise, in the form of an ‘Information’ Package, created to help or advise them in a way that lends itself to the products and services you provide.

Not only does the Information Marketing approach enable you to generate more leads, it can help you MULTIPLY response to ALL of your Marketing & Advertising, through the Customer Lifecycle.

It helps you sell more to your existing customers, keep your customers coming back for longer, and helps to encourage your customers to recommend your business to more people, more often.

It’s an Information World and the strategic use of an Information Marketing approach using Digital Media will fuel your marketing success, business success and growth.

In 1988, I left school at the age of 16, to join our family Sign Installations business, which was based in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

For about 15 years, after I joined the business, we didn’t have to worry about marketing & advertising, the work just came in via repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

We were very good at what we did, and we never let anybody down… but then things changed, competition grew and it became much harder to generate enquiries and sales.

My Mum & Dad, Uncle & Brother eventually left to start other ventures, whilst I continued to run the Sign business.

At that point I decided that the only way I was going to stay ahead of the growing competition was to become great at Marketing… and Marketing Study soon become a life-long obsession.

Shortly afterwards, I was introduced to the concept of Information Marketing, which subsequently changed the course of my business and life forever.

When I first tested, what I am now calling, the MULTIPLY Information Marketing approach in my Signs business, I was astonished at the results, just as my mentor had predicted.

My 1st Information Marketing test:

I rented an email list of 2000 Schools, who had never heard of my Signs business before (Unaware Targets).

Unaware Targets are people who could become your customers, but are unaware of your existence or unaware that they even have a problem you could be helping them solve.

I sent a Traditional Sales Style message to 1000 Schools and I sent a Multiply I.M. Style Message to the other 1000 Schools on the list.

My Sales Style message received 3 replies.

However, my Multiply I.M. Style Message received 92 replies, which was an increase in marketing response of over 3000%.

This changed everything, it was the Biggest Business Light Bulb Moment I had ever had, and was a turning point in my life.

Hardly anybody else was doing what I was doing in my industry, and after many more successful tests and campaigns, I felt compelled to help other businesses multiply the response of their marketing and advertising too.

I sold my Signs business in 2007 to focus on helping other business owners get the same results, using this Information Marketing concept that I had uncovered.

From 1988 to 2011 I’d worked with 1000’s of small businesses, providing Signage, Marketing & Advertising Material and Internet Marketing Services, such as Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Email Marketing.

However, providing all those services, meant that I wasn’t able to help enough businesses, and I needed more time to develop my Multiply Information Marketing strategies, techniques and system.

Generating more Leads was one thing, but I wanted to be able to follow-through with the same Information Marketing Concept to consistently convert more Leads into enquiries, customers, repeat sales and word-of-mouth recommendations.

So in 2011, I stopped working with the majority of my clients so I could focus on working with One Principal Client, (a Canopy Installations Company) who were prepared to let me ‘Run Free’ with their Marketing

This enabled me to test all of the marketing strategies that I was studying at the time.

By this point I had invested about £20,000 in my own marketing training, and this opportunity to test what I had seen working for 10’s of 1000’s of other businesses (coached by my mentors), proved invaluable… for me and for my one main client Able Canopies.

Over a 2 ½ year period, I worked very closely with my one main client, and they implemented around 90% of the advice, strategies and systems that I had created for them, which directly increased their revenue by an estimated £1,500,000 over that 2 ½ year period.

We know this because the first thing we did when we started working together was to put tracking measures in place, so we knew exactly where all their business were coming from.

My client continues to get outstanding results by following the Simple Marketing Systems I created for them.

Here are the results from just 2 of the ongoing initiatives and campaigns we put in place:

In-House Website Marketing = £549,000 Revenue per year (costing £20k p/a)
In-House Email Marketing = £244,000 Increase in Repeat Sales in 12 Months

On average, the iMarketing system I have Installed for Able Canopies has increased their Turnover by £791,000 per year, for the past 2 years.

If you don’t run a national business, these numbers may not resonate with you, but in terms of Percentage Increases in Marketing Response & Revenue, the strategies that I teach can make a HUGE difference to any type of business, large or small – I estimate if you are not already using iMarketing, it will increase your Turnover by 33%, in 1-3 years. what would than mean for you?

The problem is, in some cases, the actual steps are so obvious, so simple, and so inexpensive to implement, they just seem too good to be true, which is one of the reasons why most business owners don’t put the time aside necessary to get these implemented in the first place.

Another reason why small business owners don’t get this stuff done, is because they are confused by all the Digital Marketing & Advertising options available to them, they don’t know where to start, who to trust & what to do for the best.

I want to help you get clarity, so you can see the value of putting this to work in your business, so you can get much better results from the marketing pounds and hours you invest to attract more business.

I have been involved in running my own small businesses for 26 years, through the good times and the bad, side-by-side with my Wife, Brothers, Mum, Dad, Uncle, Aunty, In-Laws and other members of the family.

I come from a long line of small business owners, going back many generations… and if there’s one thing that make me really angry, it’s to see business owners and entrepreneurs go out-of-business.

That’s why I am dedicated to helping business owners take control of their Marketing, as it’s the Marketing that ultimately brings the Customers in the door.

Chances are, the money in your pocket, that puts food on your table and a roof over your head, that pays for holidays and lots of other nice stuff, for you and your family… comes directly from the Profits made, on the Sales in your business.

The Sales you make come directly from your Customers.

Attracting MORE Customers comes directly from your ability as a business owner to generate highly qualified Leads.

If you do not have an EFFECTIVE SYSTEM for generating a steady flow of Leads into your business, you may never have enough Customers, Sales, Profit or the Money that you need, to put food on your table, buy nice stuff or live the life you and your family deserves.

If you want to Grow Your Business you need a predictable, scalable, Marketing System.

If you want to MULTIPLY the results of ALL of your Marketing and Advertising, please consider my MULTIPLY iMarketing Training Course.