How will you have your hair on your wedding day?

Up, down, curly, straight, half up, with a veil, with a tiara, with a hat, with an accessory?

The decisions are endless!

Think carefully about this aspect. As with any special occasion, you want your hair to last throughout the whole event and your wedding will be your most important event so plan your hair to perfection.

If you have short hair, think about accessorising it with the many beautiful headbands, hair slides, hair grips or even flowers. This will have an instant impact on your look.

If you are having a veil, go for a pretty tiara that will sparkle into the evening when you take the veil off for your reception.

If you have decided to have your hair up, use products which will keep your hair in place and invest in some spare grips to fasten your hair securely.

Also, think about the shape of your face as to what ‘up-do’ you decide on. Certain hairstyles look better with certain face shapes so be careful in your decision.

If you are having your hair down, use products which will hold volume or curls well so that the look will last well into the evening. This is another look that can be accessorised really well so try different looks as mentioned before.

Finally, if you are feeling brave, think about having hair extensions for the day. Using a good, quality extensions line and having them put in professionally is essential as you don’t want hair falling out as you walk up the aisle or at your first ‘married couple’ dance.