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Once you have chosen your perfect venue it will be time to think about how you want the day to look and feel, Do you want a classic, elegant feel or something a bit more bold and colourful?

You need to consider the venues own decor and colour scheme, think about the colour of the walls and flooring in the venue. You don’t want anything to clash.

Chair covers really can help to complete the look of a room, especially if your not very keen on the style and colour of the chairs.

We offer high quality white Lycra covers which fit most chairs and look great when finished with a sash in a colour of your choice.

When choosing the colour think about your overall colour scheme, do you want them to match the bridesmaids dresses, flowers and other aspects of the day? Or just keep it simple with an ivory sash? A new trend seems to be having two colours, so maybe have every other chair different or each table different.

Also consider the colour on the tables, have you got big colourful flowers or centrepieces?

Have you got lots of colours in the favours?

We can add colour through the centre with a table runner, a great way to lift the whole look and add a splash of colour if your not having loads of colour elsewhere You really don’t have to spend loads ,think about adding t-lights, mirrored plates, petals and sprinkles. These simple ideas can really finish the look and don’t have to cost a fortune.

Adding a swag to the top table and cake table helps to carry the colour through the venue and adding a few petals and sprinkles can really bring everything together.

Think about using flowers on both the service table and then on the top table. Bouquets can be placed in vases after to be kept fresh and to be used to decorate cake and present tables.

There are lots of options to help make your day extra special and complete the overall look and feel.

Happy wedding planning.

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