Usher Duties…

It is normal these days to have a couple of ushers to help with the proceedings of formalities on the day of the wedding.

This helps to alleviate your worries about seating in the church/venue and that everyone gets the order of the day sheets if using.

Ushers need to be chosen carefully as to ensure that they are reliable and trustworthy for the job in hand.

They will need to arrive at the venue well in advance and be well prepared for what the day is set to bring.

They can be dressed in suits or for ladies; they can wear a nice trouser suit or dress. Some couples opt for having the same dress suit as the main wedding party so there is then a distinct formal dress for the whole party. This also helps the ushers feel more involved and part of the important day.

Ensure that you have had regular contact or meetings with the chosen ushers so they know what they are required to do and that they have any song sheets, buttonholes, confetti boxes etc that they need before the big day arrives.

They will also need any cards or messages from people that cannot attend and make sure that these are read out at the reception or given to the person in charge of readings.

When guests arrive, they need to be courteous and politely see people to their seats and help with any problems such as wheelchairs or children’s buggies if need be.

The chosen music can also be put in their hands so that they can give this to the venue before the wedding guests arrive.

Lastly, collection of flowers or special features that the couple have organised can be collected by the ushers and taken back to the reception venue or to their homes for future collection from the newlyweds.