One important aspect of your wedding day is how you will travel to your venue.

This is a big decision and should not be left to the last minute as all the best and popular cars get booked up well in advance.

So your first choice you will have to make is what type of transport are you looking for?

Are you going for something traditional like a rolls Royce or a classic car or do you want to try something a little bit more out there like a camper van or even a fire engine!

There are now so many choices available but it really does come down to the individual couples and what they want.

The main thing is that you and your wedding party will fit into the car for a start. You don’t want to be squashing your beautiful gown into the vehicle so that when you get out at the other end, it is all crushed and creased.

Go and have a look at lots of different options and see how big they are considering your dress and the dresses of your bridesmaids too if they will be travelling in the same car as you.

Another tip is to think about who will be giving you away. This may seem silly but if your father is giving you away and finds it hard to bend or climb into a fire engine, this could cause problems too so consider everyone who will be with you.

Ask the supplier about the decoration of the vehicle too as some companies supply their own ribbons and flowers and the odd few will also supply a bottle of sparkly for the newly weds after the ceremony. If they are using their own ribbon, ensure that it ties in with your colour scheme and if it doesn’t, ask them if you can supply your own for them to put on the cars.

Your wedding photos will be taken in and around the car or vehicle aswell so think about how they will look and if there could be any informal shots taken making it more fun.

Enjoy your transport.