Tip kindly donated by Eclipse Photography.

You’re getting married?

Hours of planning and preparation and a lot of expense for one very special day.

It will fly by and you will miss a lot of the ‘details’ that you put so much effort into planning because you are so busy being ‘the happy couple’.

That’s why choosing the right photographer who will capture all those details & special moments so you can relive them is so very important.

After the flowers have died, cake has been eaten etc the pictures are your lasting memory so choose carefully.

  1. Do your homework~scour the net etc for local photographers so you can meet those whose work you like best.
  2. Always ask to meet & see sample work~don’t just go by what’s on their homepage on the web.
  3. Make a list of questions you want to ask for example: What time will you be at the venue, do you cover the 1st dance etc.
  4. Discuss styles~traditional,contemporary,reportage etc tell the photographer if you have strong preferences.
  5. If the deal you are considering includes an album or wedding storybook be sure to see a sample~quality varies widely.
  6. Ask do you carry spare camera, additional lenses etc for backup if one fails.
  7. Has the photographer got the necessary insurance cover.
  8. Think about personality~if you feel relaxed in their company & able to say what you think then chances are you will look happy & relaxed on the big day.
  9. Tell them about any additional needs for example: guests with mobility problems, personality clashes {so they don’t ask ex~partners to pose next to one another!}
  10. Finally remember it’s your special day and should be photographed in the style & manner you feel comfortable with not the one the photographer likes best.

P.S. Have a fantastic wedding day, savour every moment & afterwards relive it with fantastic wedding photographic memories of the day.

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