If you are having a lot of children coming to your wedding..

and especially if they will be attending the day, where will you be seating them?

Will they sit nicely with their parents, has the venue got high-chairs for the very small guests and what will the older children have to keep them amused and avoid getting bored.

Think about having a table especially for the children nearer to the back of the room.

Have children from about 6-8 years of age and up on their own table and ensure that they have things to do like drawing equipment and sticker books.

You could always have a girls table and a boy’s table so you can really go for it with things for them to do.

A table full of glitter and sparkly things to do will keep the girls happy for hours and a table full of stickers or Lego will entertain the boys.

Just remember, whatever you choose for these tables may need at least one adult to keep them under control while the speeches are being made.

Choose a reliable person for each table who is good with children or think about hiring childcare professionals for the day.

Another idea for the children is to ask the venue if they have a side room that could be turned into a playroom. Then fill it with toys and games from family and friends, and even a TV with a games console for the older children.

Again, you will need to think about having a responsible adult or two in there to keep it all in check or hire childcare experts in.

There are many magicians and child entertainers available but these can be costly and normally they will only stay for a set time so ask around first to get what’s best for you.