What type of music will you have on your special day?

Think about personal favourites to you and your partner.

You will need to decide on what music you will be walking down the aisle to, what you both will walk out to and also what type to have while you are signing the register.

This will keep your guests entertained and depending on the tune you choose, will keep them relaxed and quiet while you sign those important papers.

There are no limits to what songs or tunes you choose.

There has been a growing trend to have very up to date music to dance to down the aisle. This can be very entertaining for your guests and will create an everlasting memory and talking point. It will also help to alleviate any tension or nerves as it deflects away from it.

Although this is a nice idea, if you are more traditional, then go for something classical or a simple slow love song that you and your partner relate to.

You could always have the dancing afterwards!

Ensure that you speak to the venue at least a few weeks before to make sure they have the facility for your music to be played.

As CD’s are now fazing out in favour of more technology, make sure you organise this well in advance. Some venues are still using CD players but just ask to finalise this aspect of the day.

Or why not give this task to the best man or chief usher to organise. Alleviate some of your stress but don’t forget to check that they are actually doing the job.

Your music will be heard on the video of your wedding day so think carefully about your choice.