Would you like to have that extra glow on your wedding day?

Are you going on honeymoon straight after your wedding and would prefer to blend into the warm climate rather than looking pale in the sun and having to work at your tan straight away?

If so, then having a spray tan is the way forward for you.

Nowadays, having a spray tan is the norm for some people and there are many places and even mobile beauticians who can come to your home and apply the tan.

Spray tanning works by having the ingredient, dihydroxyacetone, (DHA), applied to the skin with a low pressure spraying machine.

The tan develops in approximately 6-8 hours and will last 5-7 days.

Don’t forget to discuss how dark you want to be with your therapist. They will advise you of the best strength to go for to match your skin tone and if you will need a second appointment for darker shades.

It usually takes about 10 minutes to spray your body and then a few minutes to dry.

You will usually stand in a cubicle; this is usually a pop up one for mobile tanning specialists. You will need to wear a bikini, swimsuit or some dark underwear. The therapists do have disposable underwear available at a small cost.

After your spray tan, wear loose fitting clothes, preferably with natural fibres such as 100% cotton. This will help to avoid too much rubbing off of your tan but some materials can stain so don’t wear your best tracksuit!

And remember: spray tanning is much safer than sunbathing as there is no risk of getting sunburn, sunstroke or any sun related diseases. And another plus is that you do not get that horrible peeling!

So go for glow!