Do you believe the superstitions with regard to weddings?

Here are some wedding superstitions for you to ponder over.

  • Wearing white.

Apart from the virginal meaning of this superstition, wearing white to your wedding is said to represent joy and maidenhood.

  • Wearing a veil.

Back in roman times, brides wore veils to disguise themselves from the evil spirits so a veil protected her. Nowadays, it is presumed to mean modesty and chastity.

  • Right foot forward.

This means that for good luck, the bride should step into the ceremony with her right foot first.

  • Chimney sweep.

Here’s another one for good luck. If a bride sees or even better, kisses a chimney sweep on her wedding day, this will bring her good luck!

  • Wedding cake.

Throughout history, cakes have been associated with weddings. The cutting of the cake as a couple represents their shared future together. Bridesmaids who place a piece of wedding cake under their pillow will dream of their future husband/partner! Having fruit and nuts in your cake used to symbolise fertility.

  • Bride’s tears.

Most people tend to believe that if a bride has tears at her wedding, it means that she will never cry again in her marriage. Thus meaning eternal happiness!

  • Wedding ribbon.

Apparently, if you collect all the ribbons and bows from your wedding gifts and stick them together, you can then hang them at your marital home front door. If this is done for a year, you will have good luck!

  • Throwing rice.

This is another superstition that represents fertility along with confetti and flower petals.