How will you be planning the seating for your guests?

How many people are attending the meal part of your wedding?

Do you need to keep the peace with some family members or keep some friends apart?

The dilemmas of seating plans can be stressful but need not be if you follow some simple tips to get it right.

  • Many people still go for the tradition of having boy/girl seating. This can work in a smaller wedding but can cause awkwardness if some people are placed on a table with other people they don’t know and cannot even sit with their partner/guest.
  • Seat people together that you know will have someone next to them that they know. Believe me; you don’t want to upset your guests with something so trivial.
  • Obviously, if you are a traditionalist, then go with it. Introduce onto the tables some cards with a few lines about each person. This will help others to get familiar with them and start off a conversation.
  • Don’t single out the single guests. Mix them up with couples or groups of friends to ensure they do not feel alone.
  • Keep people apart who do not get on. Feuding friends or family stuck on a table together will not be great for anyone.
  • If you have step family issues, have them on their own tables with a few friends if space allows.
  • Keep the hecklers and more lively guests away from the bar area to avoid them filling up on too much alcohol before the speeches.
  • Have a table for the older generation of the family near to the front and together with other people of similar ages but make sure they can easily access the toilets!

These simple tips will help you create the perfect seating plan for your perfect day.