Tattoo Choices

For some brides their tattoo is something that they want to exhibit on their wedding day, its part of them and may represent something important to them (especially if the tattoo displays the name of the groom to be).

But what if it doesn’t?

What if it was a tattoo that was gained in your venturesome youth?

I have come across brides who love their tattoos, and want to wholesomely show them off on their wedding day.

I have also met brides who would prefer to have their’s concealed, or they have bridesmaids who have tattoos and would like to have them conceal their tattoos for the wedding photos.

I have used many products for covering tattoos, but nothing compares to airbase airbrush make up for coverage.

Because the main ingredient in airbase make up is silicone, which is heat-resistant, non-stick and pliable, this makes it extremely long lasting and ideal for tattoo coverage.

For a bride, it is a very personal decision to cover a tattoo, but if you are thinking of doing it, airbase airbrushing is ideal!

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Lynda Susie is a qualified makeup professional based in Essex, who specialises in hair and make up services for brides and special occasions.

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