Photographer Choices & Questions

The lasting memory of your wedding will be captured by photography so choosing the right photographer for your day is essential.

Think about what sort of photos you would like and then get searching for a good, recommended photographer who is within your price range.

Expect the photos to take up quite a big chunk of your budget.

Remember, these will be your everlasting images for years to come so you want to spend the right amount of money on this area to get exactly what you need.

Once you have shortlisted some potential photographers, go armed with a list of questions and make sure you write down the answers given to avoid forgetting who said what.

  • Questions on their experience and the services that they provide for the price should be asked.
  • Take a look at their work and ask what styles of photography they do.
  • Do they have references or do they come recommended. If so, can you see them?
  • Do they work alone or have an assistant and who actually takes the photos?
  • How long does it take from choosing the prints to getting them and do they come with an album? If so, how many photos does the album have?
  • Do they use film or digital technology and do they do colour and black and white?
  • Are they insured and how do they ensure that films are not lost or damaged?
  • Get a complete low down of the packages they offer and what is included for each one.
  • Do they provide a service or website where family and friends can order prints?
  • Do they have a contract and what are the payment terms and conditions?
  • Lastly, but most importantly, what is the total cost and is there any small print such as extra time added on the day or travel costs?

Also, go with your gut feelings; sometimes you can just get an idea from personal recommendations and how they come across to you and your partner.

Good luck!