Mobile Phone Free Zone! 

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney recently got wed at a beautiful mansion in Rhode Island over the weekend and as well as having a star studded guest list, they also asked each person to do just one thing on arrival – to give their phones in!

Would this be an option for you at your big day?

We all know how fast and how super easy it is to post online to social media channels and this system would of course stop that happening for this particular couple not wanting photos of the day leaked before hand.

Jennifer Lawrence

Apparently, Jennifer and Cooke hired a company to confiscate each guests mobile phone as they arrived and they were then stored in locked pouches which could then only be opened at specific Yondr unlocking bases.

This company specialises in creating “phone-free spaces for artists, educators, organisations and individuals” and something that celebrities I guess, would find extremely useful to stop their images getting out into the world of social media before they were ready.

We went to a wedding last year and were handed a polite card which asked us to take as many pictures as we liked but to not post on social media channels before a certain date which we felt was fair enough.

They also had an app where all the guests could share their photos for the happy couple to go through later – so a guests view of the day.!

Would you want your wedding photos seen before you had the chance to post any?

When we got married, mobile phones weren’t smart phones and Facebook wasn’t even in existence so we didn’t have that problem – how will you deal with it for your wedding day?

Will you politely ask guests to not post pictures before a certain day or would you go the full treatment and follow Jennifer’s plan?