So it’s the time for the speech.

Traditionally, wedding speeches are made by the bride’s father, the groom and the best man but nowadays it is not unknown that the bride and even the bride’s mother or bridesmaid will stand up and say a few words to toast the newly weds.

The task of making a speech can be quite daunting especially if you have not addressed people in this way before so we’ve put together 12 checklist items to help you along the way to make your best man/bridesmaid speech one of the best.

Wedding Speech

These 12 simple tips will get you well on your way to delivering your speech without any difficulty and your audience will appreciate the time you have taken and remember it for many years for the right reasons.

Good luck.

  • Practice your speech well in advance of the day

  • Keep it tasteful and be positive about the people you are talking about

  • Focus mainly on the bride and groom, as it is their day after all

  • Ask to use a microphone if the room is quite large to avoid not being heard

  • Take your time when speaking and forget your nerves

  • Be strong in confidence, stand up straight and look at your audience

  • Be brave and memorise your speech using only cue cards if necessary

  • If reading your speech, type it up on neat paper and keep it safe

  • Try not to have too much to drink before hand

  • Keep your speech to less than 10 minutes long

  • Wait for laughs at your jokes and enjoy them

  • Always include the toasting of the new married couple