You are very lucky to have chosen a few select people to help you with your special day.

So why not give them a special gift on the day to show your appreciation for each of their help over the past few months of planning the wedding day.

Thanking those people who have supported you is an important part of the day and they will really appreciate a mention in the speeches along with a small gift.

Don’t be tempted into buying something that they will just store in a cupboard or drawer. Go for something unique to them and individual to their personality or the relationship you have with them.

This type of gift is more likely to spend time used or worn than sitting hidden in a cupboard.

For the bridesmaids, how about a lovely piece of jewellery, a bracelet or necklace that suits their taste. Younger bridesmaids may prefer a gift voucher for clothing or jewellery that they can choose themselves.

For the best man, why not get him a set of cufflinks, stylish key ring or even he would appreciate a voucher too. There are so many stylish and smart accessories and gifts for men these days that the choice is made easier.

The mothers must not be forgotten if you want to avoid future arguments so ensure they are mentioned and have a small token of both of your love for them. Again, jewellery is a nice touch but mothers delight in having a bouquet of flowers in front of your wedding guests!

Just remember that any gifts you choose need to be put into the budget.

Be careful to stick to your budget and don’t be tempted to go over.