Have you decided if you will be having flower girls or little bridesmaids with you on your special day?

If so, you need to plan ahead to ensure you make the right choices with whom you have and how you will organise them on the day.

Flower girls or little bridesmaids add cuteness to the wedding party but they can also bring unnecessary stress along with them.

The best thing to do is to choose girls that you know very well or if you don’t know them, then try and spend as much time with them before the day as possible in order to get to know them.

Talk to them about your special day and explain how important it is to be good. Also, tell them about any fun aspects to the day such as how they will be travelling to the ceremony and what entertainment you are having at the evening do.

If possible, take each child with you to choose their dresses. They will love all the sparkles and glitter that they’ll see along the way. Don’t try this alone though unless of course, they are your own children.

Children cannot be relied on to behave throughout the whole day so the better you know them, the less stress and worry you will have on the day.

Think about the possibility that they may get stage-struck right at the moment you are going to walk down the aisle.

Once they are in the ceremony room, they may get bored quickly too so organise an adult for every small child helper to keep them in check.

Try and stay relaxed about them and rely on your older bridesmaids to watch them.

There is no rule to say you have to have small helpers so go with what you feel is the right thing to do.

It’s your day after all.