How are your nails looking?

Will they be up to shape and condition by the time of your wedding day?

If not, why not think about getting some artificial nails?

If you are not lucky enough to have perfect nails, these are a great way to create a beautiful look to your hands.

Your hands will be looked at throughout your special day so you want them to look their best.

Planning is vital.

You will need to have a consultation with a professional who specialises in nails at least 7 months before your day.

You can then try the products and decide if you will be having them for the wedding.

If you decide against them for any reason, then this time scale will allow your natural nails to grow and get back into condition.

There are numerous beauty shops and mobile professionals that can offer different types of artificial nails with hundreds of designs and many lengths.

The three main professional types are:

  • Acrylic
  • Fibreglass/silk wraps
  • UV top coat

Also, you will be familiar with the kits that you can buy in supermarkets and various beauty shops where you glue them on yourself in your own home.

Look into the different types to help you decide which you would like to try as there are some risks to having false nails applied.

Such risks can be:

  • Ridges forming
  • Peeling
  • Separation from nail bed
  • Damage to root
  • Infections if not cared for properly
  • Reactions to glues used

Try to talk to a professional about the choices available to you.