Wedding Shoes and Tips for comfort

Your wedding shoes will be a very important aspect to how you feel on the day so here are a few simple tips to help you prepare:

  • Always give your wedding shoes a ‘test run’ otherwise you may find yourself with sore feet and even worse blisters during your wedding reception and the last thing you want is to be a limping bride on your special day.
  • Start off indoors walking on the carpet and then on tiled and/or wooden floors.
  • Practice sitting down and getting up then go outside into the garden and walk on grass, cobbled stones and loose stones.
  • By walking on as many different surfaces as possible and getting used to your wedding shoes, your feet won’t be given such a shock on the big day and you can be wobble free and elegant in your high heels.

Tip kindly donated by Pauline at Wedding Toppers.

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