Flowers at weddings are a real tradition that go way back

It’s also one of the major choices for a bride to make for her special day.

What colours to go for?

What will be in season at the time of the wedding?

How they will look and where they will be placed?

These are just a few questions that every bride will have to ask herself in time for the actual wedding day.

Begin to think about your wedding theme and the colours that are going to be in the fore front of the day and try to compliment each colour choice with things like the dresses and even the suits  that the men will be wearing because clashing colours is not a good look and so not recommended.

Think carefully about the time of year that you are going to be getting married and what blooms will be around.

Roses are in plentiful supply but are also more expensive during valentine’s season so if these are what you are going to decide on, ask the florist early and agree a price before the peak love season comes.

Another way of preserving how the flowers will look is by opting to have silk flowers. They still look as beautiful and can be scented to add fragrance if this is what you think you will be missing or opt for half and half, some fresh and some silk.

Your wedding bouquet will be a treasured memory and so you will need to think about the tradition of throwing it at the reception. maybe consider having a second one made which is exactly the same but smaller so that you get to keep the original.