So you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid.


This is a very important role and you should feel honoured to have been chosen.

But can you fulfil this role?

You may need to ask some questions first.

What duties does it entail and will you be able to help the bride to be with the many plans and jobs that she has to do?

Do not be afraid to turn down the offer if you feel you should. Being honest about your feelings to the bride will be the best to avoid her spending time and money on someone who doesn’t want the role.

If you do accept the responsibility of being bridesmaid, you will need to start thinking of certain aspects of the wedding day.

You will need to be supportive and co-operate with the bride and prepare yourself for lots of dress fittings and trying on gowns in many shops. The bride will want to get the whole look of her wedding party perfect so being a great shopping partner is essential.

You are there to look after the bride on her special day and stay focused on the job. Do not let the bride down at any time during the whole day.

She needs a calm but enthusiastic bridesmaid whom she can rely on throughout the day and into the evening too.

If you have been chosen as the chief bridesmaid or maid of honour if you are married, then you will have the added responsibilities of taking charge of the other bridesmaids and pageboys and ensuring they know what they are doing.

Don’t panic about the role; just ensure that you discuss with the bride any worries you may have so that you are working together from the start.

Good luck!