No wedding is complete without a display of balloons.

There are so many shapes of balloons available which are quite amazing and will be a spectacular talking point for your day.

These days, there is so much much choice, you can get wedding bells, cakes, champagne bottles and glasses, wedding cars, hearts, rings, balloon arches, columns, letters, palm trees, and even; bride and groom shaped balloons!

The displays which some specialists can supply are so cleverly done and it takes a professional to achieve this look. There are so many different designs to choose from so shop around and have at least 3 balloon decorators in so you can choose the right person to personalise your special day.

You will need to decide on the colour/colours, the shapes and what displays you will have and where.

A lot of people opt for one main display and then smaller ones on the tables or around the room.

Small balloons can also be incorporated into your flowers.

Remember to discuss table plans with your balloon specialists, showing them your plan too. They will then be able to work out how many you will need and how the overall look will be achieved.

Another very important point to remember is to always ask to see sample balloons to ensure you get the right colour match.

You will also need to decide on the type of balloon used. The most commonly used are foil and latex.

The latex see through type can also have your chosen colour of confetti inside along with smaller balloons of different colouring and shapes.

Whatever you choose, balloons can add a wow factor to your decorations so be bold and go for it.

Good luck!