“Vintage” can conjure different images for different people.

For some, it’s the heyday of the Mods or Rockers, a 70s boho vibe. Others go heady over a battle re-enactment and a flagon of mead.

But my take on vintage is more evocative of a feel and mood.

Reminiscent of the Hollywood era of sharply dressed men and carefully coiffured women.

One that exists in the hazy twilight between fantasy and reality.

The fabrics I choose for my vintage style accessories reflect this bygone whimsy.

I love vintage fabrics and collect scraps to influence my vintage designs. I love to use vintage fabrics in my men’s range but often there is an insufficient quantity to make this possible.

Some of the fabrics have a faded dusty quality of yesteryear. Others are bold and a little brash; burnt oranges, egg yolk yellows.

When I use modern fabrics, the colour choices lean towards these vintage colours.

But “vintage style” often contains a little of the farmhouse rustic and boho thrown in.

Ditsy prints (those tiny florals) are particularly inspirational for my designs. But I can rarely resist the decadence of overblown roses and peonies.

Cottage garden favourites take me back to chocolate box cottages and pin curls!

Fabrics which recall hazy summers or colourful autumns, with natural colours wound in are an important feature. As a designer, I want to evoke a spirit, a ghost of weddings past.

After all, it is important to remember that this is the nod to a style not the recreation of an era.

For me, this look is the less formal sibling of the traditional wedding:

  • Afternoon tea in mismatched china
  • Bouquets and table settings made from seasonal flowers and foliage, loosely arranged
  • Female guests in floral tea dresses and gentlemen in lounge suits

A vintage beaded dress in ivory for the bride fits the look perfectly.

As I am a designer of men’s accessories, the groom’s look plays a key role. For him, a sharp suit in soft wool. Much more suave than a synthetic make. And to finish it off, a cotton tie with a floral pattern.

A navy suit is a classic choice, along with charcoal grey. Trouser cuffs with turn-ups and a cool Oxford shoe, you can even add braces.

Bring this look to life with accessories in a brighter floral print. Such as our purple rose pattern. With the colours echoed in bouquets of lavender, lilac or sweet peas for that natural feel.

So the vintage style theme doesn’t have to mean the passionate recreation of a historical period.

Instead, it’s how you choose to interpret a look on your special day that makes it unique.

Be inspired for your vintage wedding.

Jill Eve is a designer-maker of distinguished men’s wedding accessories at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TieingTheKnotUK.

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